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  • Elevate your cultural competence & confidence

    Counselor Education - Theories/Concepts - Multicultural Competence - Holistic learning - Trauma competency - resource building

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    Huddle & network. Meet other Therapists, feel supported, find comfort in community and practice more self-care

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    Join from anywhere. All meetings are recorded. All meetings led by Heena Khan, LPC-S, RPT-S, CYT

A smart space for therapists to elevate their confidence and grow holistically

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What's included

  • Weekly Online Meet-Ups

    60 min. Every Monday. 1-2pm CST Conceptualization/Consultation, Discussion of counseling dynamics (culture, religion, etc), Trauma and ACE's.

  • Monthly Self-Care Meet-Ups

    60 min. Feel supported and connected to a unique therapist community, gain fresh perspectives, practice self-care with intention


Heena Khan, LPC-S, RPT-S, CYT 200

Specializes in Trauma, Grief/Loss, Adoption + Attachment and Perinatal Mental Health


  • What is the goal of The Therapist Cafe™?

    To provide eager rising therapists with an affordable and accessible community that extends their learning and growth through huddles, didactic lessons, fresh perspectives and holistic support, to ultimately elevate confidence and competence in the therapy room.

  • What will be covered in these weekly live meetings?

    ✔️ Didactic learning of Theory/Concepts ✔️ Cultural competence & humility ✔️ Help therapists explore different ideas about how they support clients ✔️ Engage with therapists from diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives ✔️ Build community resources list

  • Who is this community best for?

    Ideal for ambitious therapists that are eager to learn and grow in the areas of trauma, grief/loss, perinatal mental health and multicultural competence. Community open to: Associates, New/fully licensed therapists, School Counselors, LCSW's or LMSW's on their way to LCSW

  • Who leads these weekly meetings?

    ME! I'm super stoked because this is exactly what I love doing! Teaching and supporting other clinicians in their growth. Although I support my Associates in supervision, I felt the need to offer a community of ongoing learning to all budding and new therapists out there that could benefit from my areas of expertise and grow holistically. This community is a great addition to concurrent supervision. It is not a replacement for supervision. I’ve been a therapist for over 10 years. I'm an LPC-S, RPT-S. I’ve been a CEU provider with BHEC (Texas) for the past 4 years. I provide trainings and have presented at major conferences on Trauma/Grief, Trauma-Informed care, Trauma-informed Therapists, cultural competence and humility, Perinatal Mental Health and more!

  • What is the format of these weekly meetings?

    60 min. Online. Usually, first 35-40 min of teaching, followed by questions and discussion. The structure will evolve with the community's needs.

  • What if I'm a fully licensed therapist

    this community would be a great place to find ongoing support, after the completion of your supervision hours. Years ago as an associate, I recall continuing to need some support as I navigated being fully licensed without having to pay for additional supervision. This is a great option for that additional support.

  • I'm an LPC-S, why would my Associates need this?

    your individual/group supervision is gold for your Associates. However, time is limited and the focus is usually on the cases at hand. In this community, your Associates will get a chance to learn about various different concepts, theories and ideas in counseling/therapy. And most importantly, they will get a chance to elevate their multicultural competence and confidence. Think of it as additional, ongoing learning that enriches their existing supervision with you.

  • I'm an Associate, I already have Supervision, how could this help?

    this community is super affordable, accessible and valuable opportunity to grow in areas and elevate your confidence as a holistic, well informed therapist. All your individual cases will still be staffed with your supervisor. This community and the live meet-ups will be opportunities to extend your learning and growth in ways that individual/group supervision alone cannot provide.

  • Can I get CEU's?

    Yes! but at this time, it is only for therapists that are fully licensed in the State of Texas. You can receive up to 6 CEU over a 12 month period. If you are an Associate, you could receive non-direct hours-based on your Supervisor's discretion.