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Hi, I'm Heena,

the energy and face behind The Parent Cafe™.

After years of providing play therapy and parenting support, I found a new way to help Moms/Caregivers. The Parent Cafe™ is a supportive community I built where New Moms can transition into motherhood and parenting, where Experienced Moms/Caregivers of young children can learn connection (neuroscience) based parenting together and support each other. One of my favorite things to do every week is to help frustrated Moms/caregivers learn effective, self-care and connection based, gentle parenting so you can experience long term success as your kids continue to grow and develop.

FAQ's about The Parent Cafe™

  • What is The Parent Cafe™?

    An online meet-up every week, on Tuesdays, where we take a deep dive into tantrums, aggression, dysregulation, parenting AND the Neuroscience behind it all. Live Q & A too!

  • What is it NOT?

    The Parent Cafe™ is not a source of mental health counseling or a replacement for it. I provide in depth psychoeducation, answer questions, lead discussions, help Moms learn and practice compassionate and connection based parenting, keeping the Brain in mind.

  • Who is it for?

    The New Mom, who is transitioning into motherhood and Parenting. The Experienced Mom that needs a supportive village and access to a professional for Q & A. The "I'm at the end of my rope" Mom, that's done with time-outs, consequences and punishments that don't work. The Curious Mom, that wants to learn how to parent and manage difficult behaviors with compassion and a deep understanding of the intersection between parenting and neuroscience. The "Why is my kid like this" Mom, that wants to find other Moms that can understand exactly what she's going through, without any judgement or criticism. The Lonely Mom, that wants to learn how to do all this, not alone-- but with the guidance of a professional and support from a community of Moms just like her! Ideally for Moms/Caregivers of young children 8 and under.

  • Who is it NOT for? 

    Caregivers that are trying to find personalized therapy or counseling support during the weekly group meet-ups.  Caregivers of children with special needs. We sincerely believe children with unique needs are best cared for by professionals that specialize in in providing those unique needs. We are happy to share referrals.

  • What is the format?

    We meet for 60 minutes, Live on Zoom. The first 20-30 minutes covers psychoeducation on a specific topic, followed by about 30 minutes of collaborative discussion and conversation in the group; what challenges you’re facing, what works, what isn’t working, what resources you need, etc).

  • Why the name The Parent Cafe™?

    I've been helping and supporting Moms and Caregivers for over 10 years now, through parenting consultation, support and individual therapy. I frequently receive messages from friends, family and community members on social media asking for clarification or guidance on how to practice gentle and connection based parenting.  I would envision myself sitting in a really cool local cafe, sipping on some craft coffee, talking about motherhood and parenthood, with Moms just like me, all day! So I got a little creative, embraced technology and here we are!

  • What if I want to leave the community?

    Totally fine, with no hard feelings. No commitments or contracts. Join and leave anytime. Although we think you’ll love hanging out with us :)

  • Who is the host/presenter in the live online meetings?

    All meetings are hosted and led by Heena Khan, our Founder. However, in the future, based on this community's needs-your needs, we plan to have guest speakers on various topics of interest for new and experienced Moms.

Join Moms just like you

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